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Retiree Benefits

Sault College Retiree ID Card

Sault College Retiree ID card entitles you to discounts in the Campus Shop, Library privileges, and can be used to receive senior rates at some hotels.
To obtain your Retiree ID card, go to the library, let them know you are a retiree and they will take your photo and create a card for you. Any of the staff will be able to assist you during regular library hours.
To see what hours the Library is open, go to

Lifetime Sault College Library Privileges

You will be required to show your Retiree ID card.

Loan of College Equipment (including equipment housed in the library)
The Loan of College Equipment policy requires those who are not current College employees to obtain written permission prior to receiving any equipment. The Director, Physical Resources would need to sign a request form.  Please contact
Trevor Rising, Director, Physical Resources, Room B-1144, or at (705)759-2554, ext.2842, to make arrangements.

College Network and Computer Access
Retirees who would like to access college computers should contact
Jamie Fata, Chief Information Officer, by email at, by phone at (705)759-2554, ext. 2782, or by dropping into room E1938.  You will be asked to arrange for a network account at no cost and it will remain active with regular use. Should it become inactive, the College has an automated procedure in place to remove accounts that are not being used.  Network privileges do not include use of the College’s email system; however, a Windows Live, Gmail or Hotmail account would be in order.

Athletics Centre Membership
Retirees have access to the Athletic Centre and pay the same membership rate as staff.  For membership information contact the Athletic department or visit Sault College website

 Free Parking Privileges

Parking passes are available to all retirees through the Human Resources department. Call Oliver Bedley at (705)759-2554, ext. 2696 or B1130 to obtain your pass. Be sure to park in the lot that is indicated on the parking pass to avoid being ticketed.

One Continuing Education Course Per Academic Year

Sault College retirees have the opportunity to take one Continuing Education course per academic year at a fee of $20 plus supplies and any other fees applicable to the course. (Courses noted with a C4 designation are full-fee courses. No discounts apply to these courses.)

Campus Shop Discount

Retirees are eligible for a 10% discount upon presentation of the ID card.

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