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Some retirees like to keep in touch with each other and so we thought it would be a nice idea to be informed on “happenings” related to retirees. This could cover a wide range of topics such as a change of address, hospitalization, special family events, a new “retirement career”, a special trip or project of
interest to others, or news about retirees involved in sports, education, volunteerism, etc.

If you know of a retiree in any of the above situations, please contact Marg. Simpson so that she can send a card (we retirees have our own stationery, thanks to Sault College for providing this for us). To reach Marg, please phone her at (705)945-8674 or by e-mail at

Some retirees keep in touch regularly while others have had very little, or no, contact with former coworkers. You, the users of the Website have a good idea of what kinds of things you would like to see published and so we ask that you share your thoughts and ideas with us. This could be regarding activities in which you are interested in pursuing with other retirees, i.e. golfing, skiing, book discussions, trips, or even just having a cup of coffee or lunch once in awhile. Carolene Coutu is the “Website Wizard” for we retirees and so contact her about your ideas. Carolene can be reached at (705)206-2563 and at

Permission must be obtained from the person whose name and information is published on this Website. Some people do not want stories/information shared and that is understandable, but for those who are willing to share, permission will be requested.

Let’s keep in touch!

Marg Simpson

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