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Welcome All Sault College Retirees!

The Sault College Retirees is an informal organization with a few goals. Simply stated they are:

  • To promote continuing contacts and dialogue among the retired members of the Sault College Community.
  • To provide social functions, valuable information, and support for all of its members.
  • To liaise with College personnel in order to arrange access to College privileges.
  • To maintain an on-going and healthy relationship with the existing College Community.

Your Sault College Retiree I.C. (Informal Committee) members in the photo below are:

Marcy Ciferri, Marg Simpson, Carolene Coutu, Rose Caicco (Chair), Gloria Grummett.

We get together several times a year to enjoy each other’s company, share stories and chat about our experiences. Having worked for many years at Sault College, a real bond exists between us, no matter how infrequently we see each other. Since we are an informal organization, there are no fees. When we
meet for lunch or dinner, everyone pays his or her own way. As we grow, we hope to add other activities that will be of special interest like reading clubs, golf, trips, cards, shopping, going for a coffee to just “chat” or anything else of interest.

On behalf of the Sault College Retirees, we welcome and invite you to join us at our get-togethers. For information contact Rose Caicco at or by phone at (705)942-3891.

Please note: There have been some changes to our free use of Sault College’s gym facilities. For information on those changes, please click on “Retiree Benefits”.


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